Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IPad tools Tim Methany

How do I present with iPads?
Turn down the brightness
VGA adapter 
Air play app
Good reader
Add g to http:// to down load web pages
Randa browser 
Expedition browser
VGA enabled web browsers
Projector app
Air sketch
iPad2 mirrors
Apple tv $99
Htmi enabled
Wireless presentation adaptor
Discovery channel has app with air play
Vimeo and YouTube airplay
Cloud browse
App store volume purchase program
Buy using pos
Share files using iPad and iTunes under the app scroll down

Monday, March 21, 2011

Apple Workshop- iLife in Education with Tim Methany

Maptini-App for building mind maps
     Faces- allows to find faces or people within photos
     Places- shows where the photos were taken
                 ipod touches, iphone, and ipad 2 will do this automatically
     Create-books, cards, calendars
iMovie 11
      Create events in iPhoto then add to iMovie
      Sports theme
      99 levels of undo and redo
      Automatically transitions
      New instrument lessons
      Groove matching puts every track on beat
      Flex time moves sounds including vocals and instruments
      RSS feed


Apple Workshop U of M Accessibility-Technology Enabling Students by Tim Methany

Accessiblity solutions built into all products
Apple includes learning disabilities  as an area that accessibility solutions needs to address
Built in support for Braille readers and display support
UBS hub for Braille readers for those who cannot see a projector and screen
Voice over on Mac- automatically out of the box works during setup
Universal Access
    Seeing-zoom on- command, option, and =  zoom in       command, option, and - zoom out
    Voice Over-on with many features  The OS will read the screen and provide directions on where you
                        within the system. It tells the person everything without seeing it on the screen.
    Make a podcast out of a webpage.
    Services are built into the apple apps.
    Make changes to services- Go system preference then keyboard, then keyboard shortcuts, then services
    (turn on add to itunes as a spoken track)  
    Keyboard- Sticky keys- limited physical ability allows keys to be combined for usage
    Hearing- flashing screen with an alert sound occurs
    Close captioning of webvideo
              On iOS-ipad, ipod touch turn on
              QuickTime Player- show closed captioning
                       Mike Shebanek-Accessbility Project Manager
                   iBooks will read the books using voice over
Web pages must be made accessible-use tags to do this in the html
Three finger trip tap brings down a screen curtain for privacy
Voice control on the iphone, ipod touch, and ipad2
Holding down mic button the headphones or the home button will turn on voice control
Apple Apps

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TCAP and Technology March 17, 2011 Brighton Middle School

Tennessee Department of Education
iTunes U-podcast of Tennessee Department of Education  
Jefferson County Schools-Academic Vocabulary, interactive websites, power point games
Whole Brain Teaching Super speed reading 100 and 1000
Test taking-visualization
Pencils-Neighborhood Tutor
Reality Show Test Prep
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