Friday, February 3, 2012

Randa Training
This website is what you use when you are NOT using your iPad.

  • Observations
  • Calendar for scheduling observations
  • Use the website for planning in advance but it not necessary to use the website.

After April the information will automatically synchronize through the iPad to the state portal.

Most common error is caused by NOT synchronizing.
It is recommended that you synchronize anytime you start or finish an observation.

Must have WiFi to synchronize.

Make sure that you logout when you are not using the app on the iPad.

Use the generic "teacher" to practice your observation skills.
You can locate that account my searching for "teacher" in within your list of teachers.

Beginning an observation:
When the observation begins, there is a timer at the top of the screen.
Clicking on the plus sign allows a time stamp on the scripted notes.
Use the plus sign when you are adding a new note. This creates your evidence for your indicators.
The keyboard should launch.
Three buttons- class, teacher, and student is short cut for your notes.

Ending an observation:
Use Save ONLY option instead of Save and Continue.
Save and Continue will not let you go back and edit your scripted notes.
Save only allows you to edit your scripted notes.

Block View:
Where you will connect your scripted notes and indicators
Tap on the blue arrow to open scripted notes for that time stamp.
Tap on the blue arrows to open the indicators.
Tap on the indicator name to add it to your notes.
The green check marks and orange coloring give you visual cues that your indicator is connected to your scripting note.
Clicking on the blue arrow of the indicator you can reference your scripted notes.
You can remove the references.
Click on the blue arrow on the indicator to remove it.
Press apply to add build your connections.
Use Save ONLY option instead of Save and Continue.

Save and Continue will not let you go back and edit

Team Educator Rubric and Scoring
You can see your scripted notes, indicators, etc. that are tied your observation and the rubric.
You can rate the categories.
Save and continue editing allows further editing and deletion of the observation.
Save and mobile complete does not allow further editing on the iPad but you can edit it on the website.
You can NOT delete from the iPad once you have save and mobile completed. 

Randa Tower mobile website will allow further editing.
You can see the Team Educator Rubric and make notes and changes.
You can share the information with teacher.
Flashing orange shows the user that information that is edited is saved.
You can also print from the website in pdf form.
You can delete observation through the website and on the iPad.
Deletion on the iPad can only be
PDF user manual is located under the help tab of the Randa Tower website.