Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mid South Tech Conference Day 1

Vicki Davis
Cool cat teacher blog
What can you do, not what can't you do.
Reverse monitors John seely brown the power of pull
Use your students as student tech teams.
Students teach you and others.
Pink shirt day 2-23-11
Tools are value natural.
Rizzolatti "premotor cortex and recognize...
Self control is contagious. Van dellen
You become who you watch!
Connect to a good personal learning network.
Bit literacy by Mark Hurst rss reader

30 minutes of research prevents
Exercise boost brain power
If people mirror you, what will they look like?
Connect to yourself through exercise, humor, and time alone.
Dale carnegie how to stop worrying and start living
2 types of people transformers or transmitters
Be a transformer by transforming negativity into positive.
Remove the obstacles or be the obstacles.
Be a transformer by removing obstacles and beware of transmitting negativity.
The only thing I can change is me.
Influence formal leaders and opinion leaders.
Become an opinion leader influencer p. 154
Knowledge, trustworthy, and generous with their time.
Successful technology change is people centered.
Ideaphobia, kainphobis,
Vicarious learning influence deep beliefs
Get over a snake phobia in 3 hours
Harness the power of vicarious learning.
Organizations should examine and limit data streams. You become what you measure.
False evidence appearing real
If Helen Keller were in your school, would she become Helen Keller?
Pick three to learn about, to do, etc.
Every day is a new day to a wise man. Dale Carnegie how to stop worrying and start living.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

TETC Day 2 Dec. 2, 2010

Accessibility: iOS, OS X on iPad, iPod, and Mac
2% with severe disabilities if they can use it 100% are also accessible
One rule of thumb
90% of Apple team have vision impairment
iSight camera
Multi-Touch trackpad
Voice over allows the trackpad to do more
System preferences
Universal Access-Voice over, Zoom, Display
Enable access for assistive device
Play stereo as mono-head sets play in both ears
Sticky keys
Mouse and Trackpad
increase cursor size so that it is not lost on the screen

Visual impairments 1.8%
Hearing 1.5%
Autism 1%
Learning disabilities 6-10%
"Alex" Voice over has the ability to understand vocabulary within the context and provides a human breath pause at the appropriate punctuation marks.
command option d on a highlighted word will bring up the dictionary
"Alex" also recognizes numbers
command fn F5 will start voice over
bluetooth braille display
change the rate of speech
You can customize what Alex says
enable portable preference on usb drive
Turn off voice over command fn F5
iTunes completely accessible and educational
iTunes U Virginia has ADA podcast completely accessible by adding close captioning
subler-helps with close captioning

iPad update to 4.2-slide becomes the mute button
triple click to enable voice over
Voice over on iBooks also tags images with descriptions
dyscalculia problems with arithmetic and math concepts
central auditory processing disorder (day dreaming)
quicktime player to do screen recording (built in)

Safari-reader turn page into pdf, voice over, under services add to iTunes as a spoken track add text to lyrics
iTunes U lit2go
proloquo2go Roger Ebert uses this

Assistive Ware accessibility list of accessibility apps.
Diverse learners guide on apple website rates educational apps rates educational apps
tune in series weekly webinars on accessibility
Volume purchasing program every Wed. this mouth

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TETC-Dec. 1

iOS Devices iPad/iPod in the Classroom: Integration, Management, Deployment
Anthony Robinson
What is it?
It is the fastest selling electronic device in history.
library, media device
It is anything you need: it is a book, map, remote control, etc.
It is a magical device made out of the tears of a unicorn.
What it is not?
Set your device on imap.
Cenralized-workgroup manager, software update server, netinstall/netbook/netrestore, apple software restore, remote desktop

Personal-iTunes client, application, device settings
Mobisip-fliters safari

Decentralized-iTunes client application, iPhone Configuration Utility, most common deployment
Bradford-Cart coming
Griffin Technologies-Syncing coming

IT tools for iOS-on your iPad
Apps available
PCP Remote
Workgroup Manager Remote

Volume Purchase Program
Available to US Education Institutions
Tax-free purchasing

MDM supports shared or 1-1 deployments
JAMF software (Casper folks)
Absolute Management (landrev)
filewave-replace entire operating system live
Mobile Iron
Ubitexx mobile business

send out updates by email
create profiles
create passcodes and restrictions
designate email access and calendars
command assistant- network reset like deep freeze
updates apps. and keeps an inventory

Absolute Management-incomplete coming soon after Christmas
Management for iOS4 allows you to remotely mange the device.
You can lock the device.
Looks like iTunes
Security, change, and configure (change master password)
Profile Configuration

Configure and deploy profiles
plaintext, signed, and encrypted profile deployment
device restrictions (use of camera, disable gaming)
wifi setting
ldap bindings
remote wipe, lock, or unlock

A simple formula
build, backup, restore, and sync
What can you use to do multiple devices? Belkin, Targus, dlink have USB hubs with multiple ports

Q & A?
Anything like remote desktop? not at this time, but soon.
When will be able to mirror like we do on a desktop? You can mirror everything but the home screen. Coming soon.
Time spent on an application? The management products do that. Contact to let them know what you want.
Printing-Airprint-only certain printers-solutions install printopia app for $10
Using it as a textbook, how is that working out at Freed? Textbook in PDF form. Fall of 2011 several of main publisher will have 7-college level. McGraw Hill is making apps instead of pdf. It has videos, calculators, 3d pictures, etc. 30% don't like it, 70% love it Students are creating apps for text books. Students love the mobility. Project in electronic textbooks in Virginia.
Cost effective? 30% of the cost of a textbook.
Pricing? Publishers don't know how to charge us yet. For see subscription models in the future.

Google Forms and Inspire Data Surveys guest access=jackieandkris
The hat-random name picker
Middle schools need to create surveys
Constructed response and data analysis

Collected email address from google form
Copy and paste to word then copy and paste to bc

ENA email
Improve web interface
Unlimited mailbox size
New and improved features
Calendar and scheduling
Address book contacts
Attachment search
Inbox view option
Briefcase tab where you can put documents
ENA mailscanner will remain

Each email scanned with redundant AV engines from different vendors
Spam scanning includes DNSBL, Bayesian filtering, Vipul razor, spam assassin, multiple ena customizations

VMware Zimbra
Exchange for all platforms
Over 50 million users in 80 countries
Heavily use in K12 and Higher Ed.

ENA mail standard service
All features available via webmail interface

Pro Service
Native outlook sync
Apple iSync
Mobile client support and integration with iPhone, Android, Windows mobile,Palm and PDAS

ENA mail and blackberry integration active sync client for blackberries

Nov 2010
Migrate all standard
12 districts using the service will be 1-11 to 3-11
ENA will work with districts to schedule migrations periods for each district
New customers will begin April 1

Migration schedule
All active user accounts will be migrated to new ENA mail
No requirement to change email addresses
ENA will provide train the trainer documentation to organization
Staged migration can happen per district, building, or per user group
Email between migrated and non migrated users will continue to work seamlessly
Two migration options
User initiated migration wizard (online-user lead)
Batch migration

Webmail URL will change
Users will need to enter full email address in username field
Client settings will need to change
SSL/TSL authentication require for SMTP/POP/IMAP
New Certificate
Users will need to know username and password

Wizard will prompt users for u/p and them bring them through password change process if unknown

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TC TeachMeet Notes

Prezi Stephanie Turnbow
Little Giraffes Millie Pullen
Super Teacher Worksheets Millie Pullen
Ms. Millie uses instructional games in index card containers for activities while she runs instructional reading and math groups.
Stephanie's Stage Stephanie Turnbow
wallwisher Stephanie Turnbow
wordle Stephanie Turnbow
Edistorm Stephanie Turnbow
Movavi Stephanie Turnbow
Wireless Mouse-Beth,  use it to control your computer anywhere around your room.
Bookmarks page, resource page
StudyJams, videos,songs
Printliminator, removes print from the webpage
The inspire classroom.  Dropbox, Google Doc, tools etc. 

Tipton County TeachMeet November 10, 2010

Study Jams
Tools that eliminate expensive software

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

einstruction 10-5-10
Setting up mobi:
Charge nightly and make sure pen is in the mobi.
Pen when brought near the mobi will appear in the window.
If you see the martini glass, the party is on.
Restarting the device manager is the trick to get it working if all connections are made.
If the rf receiver (martini glass), it is not synced and needs to paired.
The pen when it rocks forward, it is a double click. The backward rock is the command click or right click.

Interwrite workspace notes:
First button is the minimize button.
Mouse button returns the pen to a mouse.
All things are active objects.
the tools or guts of workspace is under the down arrow. Customize toolbar options can occur here.
Matt's tools mouse, arrow (select tool), freehand text tool (turns handwritten text in typed text),
Click on freehand text, write, then wait, and it will change it automatically.
After you write text, then select
Undo button
Eraser won't erase objects, only freehand text writing or drawings.
New page and grid page both have custom options.
Arrows previous page and next page.
Video or camera capture.
Capture can be used to get objects.
The gallery has many objects.
It will bring any picture or object.

Go to to find pre made resources and lessons.
Create lessons that allow students to interact with the mobi.
Separate sentences into words.
Use the select arrow and double click. This will bring up the text editing tool.
Choose multiuser and drag user to the sandbox. Don't put the teacher's mobi in the sandbox unless you want to restrict yourself.
Multiple user can be restricted to areas.
Setting CPA

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9-21-10 Interesting web finds

English Companion Ning
US Mint teacher resources
I visited the mint in Denver this summer, and it was great! 
Did you know that all US coin blanks (unmarked coins) are made in Tennessee?  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

9-16-10 Interesting web finds

Creating Smartboard lessons

iPad training at St. Agnes

Darrell Lynn-presenter

Use your iPad for. 80% of computer programs not used

Core Values
  • Students seek their own answers 
  • Students value adults who learn alongside them
  • Students love a challenge
  • Students want to be accepted, appreciated, and recognized
  • They don't want to turn off their technology at school

TN was the first state to have one to one
Student expectations on the rise
Speakup 2009-mobile networks

Think about your students and program
Collaborate- create, access, distribution
Shawn White skate for fun brand for dough
Must develop a brand

Photobooks, movies, music, podcasts, wikis,blogs, etc.

Julene's iPad resource link for iSummit

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memphis Edutweetup

Dr. Clif Mims hosted at Panera Bread on Popular.
University of Memphis Instructional Design and Technology online at

The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence at PDS

"Schools should be built better and keep better than banks-There's more wealth in them." Martin Haberman
The Martin Institute is meant to provide world class professional development for teachers throughout the Mid-South both public and private.
  • Teacher Residency
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Immersion Days
  • Off-Site Opportunities
  • Conferences
    • Fall Conference Sept. 30-Oct 1@PDS Wes Fryer Keynote
    • Spring Conference Feb. 3-5  
    • Summer Conference June 15-17
Worth Mentioning
  • Assistance and Scholarship opportunities available.
  • Paying it forward
  • Help Recruit and Advertise
Twitter: mimephis

Up Coming Events:
Next Mid-South EduTweetUp

October 1, 2010
TeachMeet Memphis
October 2, 2010

Twitter hash tags #metu

Create a good, real profile. shots free good stuff word magnets (pay to save) search data free clip art
iPad-crowd maps app.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

TETA Summer Institute 2010 Day 2 notes

iLife Jenny Gammill


Why iLife?
Creates the conditions for innovation
Supports all learners
Focus remains on the learning
Engage and motivates
Possibilities abound

Collecting, viewing, and editing images
Presenting images in a slideshow
    Digital Storytelling
Creating cards, books, and calendars
Time-lapsed photography

Create documentaries and historical reenactments
Record science experiments
News shows
Book talk

Garage Band
Creative writing
Reading fluency
Weekly class updates
Radio or talk show

Apple Learning Interchange
Database of lesson plans, units, and activities that use Apple technologies and software. Resources submitted by educators and Apple.

eInstruction CPS Doug Eaton 
exam view
virtual clickers
two clickers-pluse

Web 2.0 Palooza John Simi
John's bookmarks
John's delicious site

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TETA Summer Institute 2010

Kathy Pryor

Google Squared

Go 2 Web 2.0

Rhonda Bruce's Web 2.0 bookmarks

Jason Ediger- Director of Content and Mobility for Worldwide Markets, Apple Inc.
Notes from presentation .....
By 2012 the will be more mobile users than desktop users.
Average if getting your first cell phone in the UK is 8.
Mobile devices- Media, Web, and Apps
Media- 2004 Duke Freshman received iPods
         iTunes U was created as a space for holding content for Duke students.
        Google Groups- iTunes U
        Open University
iTunes U channels
        Open University
        USF Lit2Go
        adViews Duke University
        Library of Congress
       Tennessee Electronic Learning Center
250,000,000 downloads iTunes U
Mobile Web
         New York Times
         Freed Hardeman
Native Apps 205,000 applications
         Turning Technologies- student response system.
         AlgebraPrep - Pearson has built an app for each chapter of their textbook.
         The Elements Element Collection, Inc.- Updated the book the week that it came out.
         Blackboard Mobile Learn K-12 version available August 3, 2010
New to apple is books.  iBooks has a book store.
         Open sources ck-12
         Books are no longer going to be a book but instead an app with interactive practice, review,