Tuesday, October 5, 2010

einstruction 10-5-10

Setting up mobi:
Charge nightly and make sure pen is in the mobi.
Pen when brought near the mobi will appear in the window.
If you see the martini glass, the party is on.
Restarting the device manager is the trick to get it working if all connections are made.
If the rf receiver (martini glass), it is not synced and needs to paired.
The pen when it rocks forward, it is a double click. The backward rock is the command click or right click.

Interwrite workspace notes:
First button is the minimize button.
Mouse button returns the pen to a mouse.
All things are active objects.
the tools or guts of workspace is under the down arrow. Customize toolbar options can occur here.
Matt's tools mouse, arrow (select tool), freehand text tool (turns handwritten text in typed text),
Click on freehand text, write, then wait, and it will change it automatically.
After you write text, then select
Undo button
Eraser won't erase objects, only freehand text writing or drawings.
New page and grid page both have custom options.
Arrows previous page and next page.
Video or camera capture.
Capture can be used to get objects.
The gallery has many objects.
It will bring any picture or object.

Go to eicommunity.com to find pre made resources and lessons.
Create lessons that allow students to interact with the mobi.
Separate sentences into words.
Use the select arrow and double click. This will bring up the text editing tool.
Choose multiuser and drag user to the sandbox. Don't put the teacher's mobi in the sandbox unless you want to restrict yourself.
Multiple user can be restricted to areas.
Setting CPA

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