Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tipton County Summer Workshop Day 2

Possible uses for these Introduction to parent night, Fifth grade writing standards and imagery interpretations, building lower grade level skills, book fair, forces students to match images to text using adjectives and adverbs, sequencing, sharing among classes or grade levels


Emily Jackson Jackson Class Rules

Screenr examples
Meghan Moses Screenr

Storybird examples
Laura Richardson Jumbo John
Darrin Rose  Welcome to a New School Year
Meghan Moses The crazy Mixed up Adventures of Mr. Purrkins
Heather Rose Four Little Monkeys
Emily Jackson Animal Adventures
Kim Stacy When it Rains it Pours
Ashley Hammond Its One of Those Days
Laura Richardson No Bunny Knows
Kim Colborn The Girl Who Sang
Maureen McCree Families Grow

GoAnimate examples
Laura Richardson GoAnimate
Meghan Moses GoAnimate
Kim Stacy GoAnimate

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