Thursday, December 1, 2011

TETC 12-1-11 Keynote Mark Dohn

Mark Dohn

Why Not?

Rules video

  • effective communication
  • relative to them

Middle school students are highly aware of everything around them at all times.

Keys to follow

  • Students are stakeholders in their learnng process (Engagement)
  • Communication and feedback from students is essential for engagement to be sustained. (Relationship)
  • Technology allos for flexiblity in communication but does not replace evidence of learning. (Purpose)
  • Educators are no longer the gatekeepers of knowledge. (Control)

Genie is out of the bottle because of smart phones.

Get to the point!

Break it down to build it!

Give students and teachers unused equipment: I have this machine, what can you do with it?

Next Vista for Learning

  • Student made tutorials and create content
  • Contests on Rushton Hurley
  • How to evaluate video?
  • Competition can be a good thing!


  • Took kids to Baffin Islands
  • Students see that they can reach beyond.
  • Ray has 4 students in India running a marathon a day. You can ask the students questions, and they will respond.
  • Amazon trip


Challenge Based Learning


Accessiblilty andnn Equity in the Classroom

Autistic child create to make a story on powerpoint and animate it

Small Talk Aphasia

Student used switches interact with mac

She is editing wedding videos for a company now, and just earned a full scholarship for college.

It's about the kids.

Beverly Miller Greenville Schools  contact Jaime House Greenville High School about using cell phones.

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