Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mid South Tech Conference Day 1

Vicki Davis
Cool cat teacher blog
What can you do, not what can't you do.
Reverse monitors John seely brown the power of pull
Use your students as student tech teams.
Students teach you and others.
Pink shirt day 2-23-11
Tools are value natural.
Rizzolatti "premotor cortex and recognize...
Self control is contagious. Van dellen
You become who you watch!
Connect to a good personal learning network.
Bit literacy by Mark Hurst rss reader

30 minutes of research prevents
Exercise boost brain power
If people mirror you, what will they look like?
Connect to yourself through exercise, humor, and time alone.
Dale carnegie how to stop worrying and start living
2 types of people transformers or transmitters
Be a transformer by transforming negativity into positive.
Remove the obstacles or be the obstacles.
Be a transformer by removing obstacles and beware of transmitting negativity.
The only thing I can change is me.
Influence formal leaders and opinion leaders.
Become an opinion leader influencer p. 154
Knowledge, trustworthy, and generous with their time.
Successful technology change is people centered.
Ideaphobia, kainphobis,
Vicarious learning influence deep beliefs
Get over a snake phobia in 3 hours
Harness the power of vicarious learning.
Organizations should examine and limit data streams. You become what you measure.
False evidence appearing real
If Helen Keller were in your school, would she become Helen Keller?
Pick three to learn about, to do, etc.
Every day is a new day to a wise man. Dale Carnegie how to stop worrying and start living.

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