Wednesday, December 1, 2010

TETC-Dec. 1

iOS Devices iPad/iPod in the Classroom: Integration, Management, Deployment
Anthony Robinson
What is it?
It is the fastest selling electronic device in history.
library, media device
It is anything you need: it is a book, map, remote control, etc.
It is a magical device made out of the tears of a unicorn.
What it is not?
Set your device on imap.
Cenralized-workgroup manager, software update server, netinstall/netbook/netrestore, apple software restore, remote desktop

Personal-iTunes client, application, device settings
Mobisip-fliters safari

Decentralized-iTunes client application, iPhone Configuration Utility, most common deployment
Bradford-Cart coming
Griffin Technologies-Syncing coming

IT tools for iOS-on your iPad
Apps available
PCP Remote
Workgroup Manager Remote

Volume Purchase Program
Available to US Education Institutions
Tax-free purchasing

MDM supports shared or 1-1 deployments
JAMF software (Casper folks)
Absolute Management (landrev)
filewave-replace entire operating system live
Mobile Iron
Ubitexx mobile business

send out updates by email
create profiles
create passcodes and restrictions
designate email access and calendars
command assistant- network reset like deep freeze
updates apps. and keeps an inventory

Absolute Management-incomplete coming soon after Christmas
Management for iOS4 allows you to remotely mange the device.
You can lock the device.
Looks like iTunes
Security, change, and configure (change master password)
Profile Configuration

Configure and deploy profiles
plaintext, signed, and encrypted profile deployment
device restrictions (use of camera, disable gaming)
wifi setting
ldap bindings
remote wipe, lock, or unlock

A simple formula
build, backup, restore, and sync
What can you use to do multiple devices? Belkin, Targus, dlink have USB hubs with multiple ports

Q & A?
Anything like remote desktop? not at this time, but soon.
When will be able to mirror like we do on a desktop? You can mirror everything but the home screen. Coming soon.
Time spent on an application? The management products do that. Contact to let them know what you want.
Printing-Airprint-only certain printers-solutions install printopia app for $10
Using it as a textbook, how is that working out at Freed? Textbook in PDF form. Fall of 2011 several of main publisher will have 7-college level. McGraw Hill is making apps instead of pdf. It has videos, calculators, 3d pictures, etc. 30% don't like it, 70% love it Students are creating apps for text books. Students love the mobility. Project in electronic textbooks in Virginia.
Cost effective? 30% of the cost of a textbook.
Pricing? Publishers don't know how to charge us yet. For see subscription models in the future.

Google Forms and Inspire Data Surveys guest access=jackieandkris
The hat-random name picker
Middle schools need to create surveys
Constructed response and data analysis

Collected email address from google form
Copy and paste to word then copy and paste to bc

ENA email
Improve web interface
Unlimited mailbox size
New and improved features
Calendar and scheduling
Address book contacts
Attachment search
Inbox view option
Briefcase tab where you can put documents
ENA mailscanner will remain

Each email scanned with redundant AV engines from different vendors
Spam scanning includes DNSBL, Bayesian filtering, Vipul razor, spam assassin, multiple ena customizations

VMware Zimbra
Exchange for all platforms
Over 50 million users in 80 countries
Heavily use in K12 and Higher Ed.

ENA mail standard service
All features available via webmail interface

Pro Service
Native outlook sync
Apple iSync
Mobile client support and integration with iPhone, Android, Windows mobile,Palm and PDAS

ENA mail and blackberry integration active sync client for blackberries

Nov 2010
Migrate all standard
12 districts using the service will be 1-11 to 3-11
ENA will work with districts to schedule migrations periods for each district
New customers will begin April 1

Migration schedule
All active user accounts will be migrated to new ENA mail
No requirement to change email addresses
ENA will provide train the trainer documentation to organization
Staged migration can happen per district, building, or per user group
Email between migrated and non migrated users will continue to work seamlessly
Two migration options
User initiated migration wizard (online-user lead)
Batch migration

Webmail URL will change
Users will need to enter full email address in username field
Client settings will need to change
SSL/TSL authentication require for SMTP/POP/IMAP
New Certificate
Users will need to know username and password

Wizard will prompt users for u/p and them bring them through password change process if unknown

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