Thursday, December 2, 2010

TETC Day 2 Dec. 2, 2010

Accessibility: iOS, OS X on iPad, iPod, and Mac
2% with severe disabilities if they can use it 100% are also accessible
One rule of thumb
90% of Apple team have vision impairment
iSight camera
Multi-Touch trackpad
Voice over allows the trackpad to do more
System preferences
Universal Access-Voice over, Zoom, Display
Enable access for assistive device
Play stereo as mono-head sets play in both ears
Sticky keys
Mouse and Trackpad
increase cursor size so that it is not lost on the screen

Visual impairments 1.8%
Hearing 1.5%
Autism 1%
Learning disabilities 6-10%
"Alex" Voice over has the ability to understand vocabulary within the context and provides a human breath pause at the appropriate punctuation marks.
command option d on a highlighted word will bring up the dictionary
"Alex" also recognizes numbers
command fn F5 will start voice over
bluetooth braille display
change the rate of speech
You can customize what Alex says
enable portable preference on usb drive
Turn off voice over command fn F5
iTunes completely accessible and educational
iTunes U Virginia has ADA podcast completely accessible by adding close captioning
subler-helps with close captioning

iPad update to 4.2-slide becomes the mute button
triple click to enable voice over
Voice over on iBooks also tags images with descriptions
dyscalculia problems with arithmetic and math concepts
central auditory processing disorder (day dreaming)
quicktime player to do screen recording (built in)

Safari-reader turn page into pdf, voice over, under services add to iTunes as a spoken track add text to lyrics
iTunes U lit2go
proloquo2go Roger Ebert uses this

Assistive Ware accessibility list of accessibility apps.
Diverse learners guide on apple website rates educational apps rates educational apps
tune in series weekly webinars on accessibility
Volume purchasing program every Wed. this mouth

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