Monday, June 27, 2011

ISTE Differentiating for Elementary Special Needs Students Using the iPad

JoAnn Murphy-Genter
Large Text
Voice over-Triple click to read just parts of a page
Stylus-just mobile alupen
Cases and stands
Made a folder by presentation

Apps-The key to usage is the direction from the teacher not the app itself.
Clicky Sticky-great with kids who have speech issues.  Also great for directions (prepositions), multi-step directions, science lessons, and story starters.

Cookie Doodle-follow directions (recipe), VAP skills, locomotor skills, letters and shapes, colors,

Airsketch-Present to whiteboard

Jots-Present, draw, and label

Story Kit- Pictures, creative writing, audio, has books already in it.

Sonicpics- audio and pictures (finished product will not show on the screen?) used this app to pic 3 most important historical events or figures.

Toontastics- Story creation using cartoon with animation.


Dragon Dictation- (not great for southern voice)

Verbally- speaks written text

Prolo2go- Replaces dinovoxes, can be edited, add changes to images quickly

ArtikPix- Speech Therapist love this- flash cards with words and records their voice

Intel Tools For Schools-Link

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