Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Martin Institute Summer Workshop-Chemistry for All Grades Making Use of the Free Resources from the American Chemical Society

Below you will find my notes from the presentation by Rosalyn Croce and Analice Sowell both teachers at MUS and members of the American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society provides great resources that are free or cheap for educators and students.

Celebrating chemistry magazine
        -Magazine that provides articles and lessons for teachers and students
        -free to download

Water Wire Activity- follow directions in the magazine
Use juices energy drinks
Use epsom salt or rock salt
The Buzz about Electrolytes another activity similar to Water Wire
Don't use LED lights

Most chemistry consumable supplies can either be purchase from Radio Shack or Kroger
Special effects blood

Inquiry in action book downloadable for free

Downloadable lessons with multimedia resources

Wonder science activities are located there
 Subscription around $20
Cd of back editions for $25

Opportunities for students and teachers:
Chemistry Olympiad and local high school exams
(AP Chemistry and First Year chemistry students)
ACS Project SEED
(summer research for undergrad)

Great activities to promote chemistry
Genie in a bottle
Elephant toothpaste
Colorful lather printing
Frustration bottles
Burning dollar
Chromatography via kool-aid
Flame tests
UT Memphis has resources for purchase in their General Ed building
Dihydrogen monooxide-H20

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