Sunday, June 26, 2011

ISTE Google Workshop for Administrators

Google Resource Page

Welcome PowerPoint

Google Search

Search Ben Franklin

Wonder Wheel

* Use Wonder Wheel to allow students to refine search skills.  This could be a computer station activity.  Student could collect links on a topic and the teacher share with the class. Then as a class rate the website resource.  Additionally, the rules could be to find links that no one else has found.  Further, the websites could be categorized for primary and secondary resources.


*Use Timeline feature to graphically show information about a topic over time. You can dig deeper to search for article by year, month, day published.

Search for "Teachers"

You can filter by color and many other topics.

Google Alert

*Use to set up notices about specific topics for classroom research.  In addition, you can set up alerts for your identity or district. Parents can set up alerts for children's name.  

Google Scholar

*Use to locate research based articles.

Google Books
* Use for research tool.

Google Blog Search
*Use to search blogs only.

Google Docs wiki

Google Mail/Calendar

Google Sites
10 Tips

Google Even More

Google Body

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