Monday, June 27, 2011

ISTE Tammy's Technology Tips Top 20

Tammy's ISTE Handouts

Top 20 Web tools

My Avatar Editor- Create avatars for students

Jam Studio- Create songs

Odosketch- Drawing in motion

iGoogle-Cool google dashboard that can be customized to your content.

Google Reader- RSS

Skitch- Screen shots


TinyURL- Shortens webaddresses with custom names

Plurk-Social media great educator resources

Bibme- Creates bibliographies online

Random name picker- Chooses names using fruit machine or typewriter
                                    (Save as a web page with your student names in it) Shorten multiple urls inton one

Delicious- Bookmarks


Dropbox- Snyc files between machines

Google Search
Advance Search by reading level

Qwiki- Audio/Video research tool

Wolframalpha- Better resource than Google.  It gives information rather than websites. It will do algebra.

QR codes- Resource 1 What they are and how to use them.
                  Resource 2
                  QR Generator

Tripit- Travel aid

Tammy's Google Spreadsheet Formulas

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