Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ISTE Google Forms for Teachers and Administrators

Ruston Hurley
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Google Forms for Teachers and Administors

* Use google docs to gather student information or parent information

Call parents when kids are good especially when they are having a bad day. (tell the kids this)

* Use form for homework assignments.  (list student names as a choice, time stamp, how much time did you spend? and how much did you learn doing this assignment?)


iPad directions: 
Login to gmail, go to docs, choose button in right-hand corner (paper and pencil). Choose spreadsheet. Create. Go to spreadsheet view. Continue to desktop version. Then go to tools, form, create a form.

Understanding spreadsheet functions is helpful.

Self-Grading Quizzes 

Tammy Worcester has notes for self-grading quizzes.

Flubaroo-self-grading help

Ruston's Resources 

Using the iPad for Paperless

TodaysMeet Notes

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